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Art Classes at Cleverness Art School

Click the class on the timetable at the bottom of the page to book in. See below the timetable for the class descriptions and further information.

If you would like to use a CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER please email or text your QR code

to Alicia 0418 450 115 or before booking to receive a voucher code to enter in checkout.

Happy booking.

Term 2 Weekly classes

Cleverness Art School art classes are based on one session per week for a 5 week block. This means that on booking, the customer will pay for 5 weeks of classes in one bulk fee. Classes are not paid for individual days and are not refunded if the student is absent for class/s.

**Note: If you happen to miss the first week of the 5 week block, you are able to still book in for the remaining 4 weeks and so on. The booking fee will reduce each week in a pro rata system



Monday 29th April, 2024 – Wednesday 29th May, 2024. 

This 5 week block will be ‘CHALK PASTEL DRAWING’.

Chalk Pastel Drawing will consist of guided teaching step by step for children and adults alike.

Adult classes will have the option to branch off after week 2 and choose their own artwork instead of every student drawing the same picture. Lessons from week 3 onwards are individually guided depending on ability and needs.

Classes will be available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

**Note: Alicia has her step daughter’s University Graduation on Thursday 30th May in Bathurst, so all of the Thursday classes will only have 4 weeks of classes in this block. There will be no classes on Thursday 30th May, 2024.



Cleverness Art School now offers a Sibling/multi family discount.

If you are considering booking in 2 or more people into the one 5 week block, please email Alicia to get the DISCOUNT CODE before booking.