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Welcome to our Monthly Monday Masterpieces classes.

These classes are designed as a ‘casual ticket’ and are purchased as a ‘4 pass’, which is valid for a 6 month period from your first class attendance.

Once you have purchased 4 Monthly Monday Masterpieces classes you need to attend 4 Monthly Monday’s within the next 6 months.

The classes are held on the 1st Monday of each Month

*if a public holiday falls within your 6 months, you will gain another month to use your 4 pass.

See monthly class schedule above.



Click on the Monthly Monday Masterpieces day that you wish to start on,

on the timetable below.

Follow the prompts to book in and pay.

On arrival to your first class, you will receive a hole punch card to mark off your classes as you attend them (like a loyalty coffee card)

If you do not wish to attend the first available monthly Monday, scroll through the dates to the next monthly Monday on the timetable below